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For almost 10 years, we have designed and constructed buildings for a wide

variety of sectors. Connect with us and build your dream home.

J Shem Gessay – Chief Executive Officer

We are the industry leader

in the Real Estate Development industry

  • We are a new solution born out of long years of passion and experience in our African environment – we were born and bred in these harsh conditions and, we know what the gnashing people who are daily worn out by the frustrating standard of life in our communities desire.
  • For First-time homeowners, the comfort of your home begins with the handy way we tailor our cost and mode of payment for a home.
  • For landowners, Sanctus360 packages a giveback program
  • This adds more to the peace and joy that exist within our gates. The natural architectural science beauty not only awestruck you but the human cooperation and security from the surrounding locals –  a never ending value you are part of when you impact the social growth of the local community that hosts our estate when you join us to achieve your dream and ours.
  • Own a home in our one-stop shop community. You drive out or in under full security, recreation center, shopping mall, school, hospital, religious center, water supply, fully lighted well laid streets, fresh farm produce, commercial center (banks, stores, etc.), crime-free.
  • We do guarantee you a journey of trust and relief.


Use Our Trusted Service To Own Your Dream Home

Sanctus360 is one of the leading building specialist in the construction industry in Monrovia, Liberia. We have designed and manufactured many buildings for nearly 10 years in different jurisdictions, as subcontractors.

Our Architectural Design Team has you, our client, in mind while ensuring that, building designs meet international standards, with focus on Green Housing.

We plan and develop gated estate communities, thereby bringing your dream to live within a safe and comfortable – all – service – ready – environment, a REALITY.

At Sanctus360, we have that large tracts of land that you need for that farming venture. Just send us an email and let’s get talking.

We move your garbage, reassuring you of a clean environment at all times. We are at your service always – ensuring your healthy living.


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